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The Sun/Moon Calculator

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  • Deneys
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    I thought this might me worth sharing

    This calculator has great information on the moon and the sun allowing you to plan you next sunrise/set or moonrise/set what really makes it interesting is that it also has the degree information on the set or rise allowing you to stage your photo example having a sunrise between two bolder :rolleyes:

    more at

  • jab2
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    Nice links Deneys, but look at TPE, The Photographer’s Ephemeris. It does basically the same and works like a charm.

    Another great trick is to select “sun” in the view menu of Google Earth and move the slider that appear. You will get a nice approximation of how the sun’s shadows move over a landscape.

  • Deneys
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    Thank downloading Google Earth Ill give it a bash

  • Camera Man
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    I just learned something new from both of you.

    Thank you for the information Deneys and jab2!

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