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The New Pocket Wizard Plus III Radio Triggers2012-02-20T14:11:59+02:00

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The New Pocket Wizard Plus III Radio Triggers

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    Today, Pocket Wizard rolled out the newest in their line of wireless flash triggering devices: the long-awaited update to the industry standard Pocket Wizard Plus II, the Pocket Wizard Plus III. We at Fstoppers have been playing with them for awhile, and we’re here to give you all the details, including an exclusive video look at the new Pocket Wizard Plus III. [Pre Order The Pocket Wizard Plus III Here]For years now, the Pocket Wizard Plus II has been the standard in wireless flash and camera triggers for professional photographers. One might ask why an upgrade is necessary, or why a new version is even needed? After all, they are reliable, consistent, readily-available and incredibly simple to use. Pocket Wizard knew they could take the best and make it better, and there’s no question that these radio triggers are a huge improvement from the Plus IIs. A few of us here at Fstoppers.com were lucky enough to get our hands on a bunch of the new Pocket Wizards Plus III units, and we put them through the test over the course of a handful of shoots. Our thoughts so far? They’re absolutely awesome and totally worth upgrading! Check out our Pocket Wizard Review Video below to get all the details and see them in action


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    Old Joe McNally also has a very nice “in use” review up on his blog here

    My favourite part:

    (I was also shooting D3X cameras, not the fastest of cameras. I had both of my X’s hanging on this car. What was I thinking?)


  • Deneys
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    Did I hear McNally say manual 😮 Nice to hear they are going to be cheaper than the II.


    Thanks for the edit, next time will remember to quote:o

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