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Spyder3 Software Update

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  • ianweatherburn
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    For those of you running the DataColor Spyder3 calibration hardware it’s worth your while downloading the latest update from their web site.
    v3.0.5 for the Mac and v3.0.7 for Windows for either the Elite or the Pro device update has several fixes in it as well as some enhancements in particular to the Spyder3Utility application that runs at startup.

    In particular, this dialog I found intriguing in that you can get your Spyder to automatically reload the LUT’s into your video card at regular intervals. This is great if you suspect that you are still having LUT problems with respect to Vista UAC or perhaps you run a game that loads specific gamma settings to the card etc. Anyway I thought it was a useful addition to the software so mentioned it here.

  • a2i Photo
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    Thanks Ian

    This should help when you have other users logging on who do not have admin rights. Up to now, I had to create a Task to run everytime such a user log in.

  • Jola
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    Thanks, have to do this with my new monitor !!!

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