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Smoky/Hazy images – need help

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    • marlon
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      Hi everyone

      I am trying to assist wifey in figuring out why many (a very large number) of her images are coming out as hazy/smoky.
      I don’t have an example at hand, but it’s the same sort of haze that you get from a stray source of light hitting the front element, except we have determined that it’s not the sun.

      We shoot a lot of macro, so there are time when the direct sun hits the lens, and figured it could be this. But last night _after_ sunset we did some shooting in the garden, and again this happened.

      It’s not mold, the lens is new (canon 100mm 2.8L macro) on a 650D

      Some ideas, which I find hard to ascertain, is flash power, or flash diffuser affecting the lighting and causing haze, but this seems like a far fetched idea, as the diffuser is “behind” the front element (i dont think it can directly throw light on the lens).

      Is there anything body-side that can do this?

      Any input appreciated, as it will give me some things to try and test for.

      Many thanks

    • marlon
      Post count: 323

      This is not an image from our camera, but shows nicely the exact issue we are seeing on (most) images.
      We see the same sort of (lack of) contrast due to haziness and smokiness as seen in this.

      I will try to get an exact image tonight if needed.

    • elsahoffmann
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      Posy an exact photo with all the settings, flash etc

    • Peter Connan
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      Does it happen only with the macro lens, or with other lenses as well.

      If it happens with other lenses, then it “must” be something on the sensor.

      If not, then it’s probably something in the lens, even if it is new. Just being new is probably not a guarantee that there is no mould either, in my opinion.

    • SimonDP
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      Ditto Elsa – post an image with complete exif data, including distance to subject. Cannot comment on the current sample image…its not relevant.

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