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Should I sell my Canon G9 for an S90

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    • Anonymous
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      I have a Canon G9 which I take everywhere with me. I have never felt nor seen the need to upgrade to the G10 or G11 as the G9’s image quality under ISO 200 has been great. Then Canon decided it would be a good idea to release the S90, which according to online reviews, has better low light performance and is A LOT smaller.

      So I was wondering if it would be a good idea to sell my G9 and replace it with the S90. I love how ruggard and solid the G9 feels but it is a bit big for carrying around in the pocket.

      Will the image quality under ISO 200 be better or worse with the S90 than the G9. And is the smaller size and better low light performance of the S90 worth the change?

    • Sella174
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      That is a bit of a problem, isn’t it? I have absolutely no knowledge of both these cameras, but nonetheless, based on my experience in similar situations…

      How much would you get for your G9 camera? How about purchasing an S90, test it out and then sell the one you decide not to keep. If it’s the G9 that goes, then nothing lost. If it’s the S90, then see the loss as “school fees”.

      How about finding a shop that will accept returns, based on your comparison with the G9? Or ask them if you can “test drive” their display model over a weekend?

      Also, download the manual for the S90 and compare it with your G9. Maybe the S90 lacks a feature you use regularly with the G9?

      Remember that “reviews” are either made by people trying to sell stuff or by people trying to make themselves feel good about their purchase. Neither are very objective.

    • kay
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      I went from G10 to S90, here’s my thoughts:

      Pros to S90:

      – lens is faster (f/2.0)
      – ISO 1600 is perfectly usable
      – smaller, easily fits in a pocket

      Pros to G10:

      – much stronger body (S90 is ok, but nowhere near)
      – lens is sharper, longer reach
      – optical finder – I know it’s wildly inaccurate, but I like having it
      – hot shoe for external flash, studio lights, radio trigger, external finders…
      – better ergonomics – the grip is excellent

      If you look at your images at 100%, I think the G10 is capable of producing better photos under ideal conditions. It will also stand up to much more abuse. But I have an even better “serious” camera, and the S90 is perfect for those times I just want something more than a cameraphone with me ;)

    • Russel
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      I guess I am weighing in a bit late on this but I just got home and having spent some time with my G9 I realised just how much I like the camera. I’ve had it for two years now and really appreciate its IQ and build. Since I’ve owned it I’ve gone through 4 dSLRs (Nikon D50; D200; EOS 1D Mk1 and now a D80) and I “feel” that none of them have come close in terms of IQ of shots taken in good light.

      Like any point n shoot it has obvious shortcomings but I have come to know the camera really well, have taken a few thousand images with it (more than double the number of shots taken with all my dSLR’s combined), shoot predominantly Manual and am not shy to use it indoors with a flash.

      It’s the camera that always comes with me while travelling.

      Using it tonight made me realise how comfortable I am with a single control wheel as I am with two which is important as I do intend moving to one of the Camon rebel series soon from my Nikon (while keeping the G9).

      So would I upgrade the G9 if I were you? Nope, in terms of lens speed, focual length, IQ and build this camera works for me.

      Only one shortcoming – short battery life.

    • Anonymous
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      I would stick to the G9

    • Ralph Mills
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      I was faced with the same question just before a recent trip to India. In the end I stuck with my G9 and was very glad I did so. The S90 would not have taken the “punishment” that the G9 did. The G9 complimented my 400D really well and I took a number of short videos, great for the memories.

      The specs are also not that far apart to warrant the change. Think I will wait for a new G series with HD video and then upgrade.

    • Anonymous
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      keep the G9, the second hand value really isnt worth selling it.
      The G9 delivers good pix,mine was pricey when i bought it so it owes me a lot of images.
      i am happy with mine.

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