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Possible Tripod head for a monopod

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    • ElmavanZyl
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      Hi All

      Those of you who have monopods, do you use a separate tripod head on it or do you use it as is and just screw the camera onto it? I’m thinking of acquiring a quick release tripod head to use on my SLIK monopod, but I’m a little on the fence.
      1. Is it worth the money?
      2. If so, what’s the best type to get? I have a standard 3 way head on my Manfrotto tripod and was at first thinking of getting something similar, but I just saw these ones and they look like maybe they would be a better option.

      Any recommendations? Advice?

    • Peter Connan
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      I use a monopod head as you linked to.

      But I almost always put the other end of thr monopod into a belt pouch, rather than on the ground, which would be impossible without the head.

      If you want to use the monopod in the normal way, it is more stable without the head.

      My opinion: if you use the monopod for stability, in other words if you yse it to allow yourself to use much slower shutter speeds, it may be best to use the monopod directly on the lens (without head or quick relarse).

      If you use it to just carry the weight of a heavy lens, a head is great.

    • SimonDP
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      You only need a head which van swivel. I used a Manfrotto 234 head fitted with a Wimberly Adapter plate so that I can fit the Arca Swiss style quick release plates instead of the Manfrotto square design plates. Using quick release plates is way easier to mount and dismount a lens or body when required, instead of the hassle of unscrewing the monopod from the lens. Stability is the same, just much handier with a QR system

    • DeonRacePix
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      Am using a Manf 234 head on my monopod

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