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PK & MK in action

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    • Wenzel Kotze
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      I moved this question from Outdoor topics here to see if i get n response, sorry moderators!

      Guys, I’m doing my best to capture Kingfishers entering and exiting water (yes I know, it is slightly difficult). I use a D700 with a 600mm Nikon prime. I’m not sure if my techinique is correct. I have PLENTY of them hovering etc as I have a breading pair of PK’s 40m from my house, but the moment they dive I loose them and once I have re-focused on the exit spot they are gone and I’m left with half a wing or a blurred exposure.

      Is their a sort of middle road or general guidline for this. I shoot Aperture mode. F stop between 4-8f, iso as high as neccessary to get a very fast SS, normally iso 800-1200 with either Dynamic or single AF point?

      Should I improve my technique to follow them in the dive or should I rather determine a spot in the water and wait for the action? I don’t know!!!!!:confused:

    • gerriev
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      Tracking them with the 600 is rather difficult & AF normally battle to keep up. A bit easier to focus on a spot on the water & swing to the action, especially when they hover. 🙂

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