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Pentax or Nikon

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    • JoeClark
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      Hello guys I want to buy either the Nikon D80 or the Pentax k10d.Both of them have the same specifications with the only difference that the Pentax has optical stabilisation.What’s your opinion ? For which of them do you think it would be easier to find cheaper used lenses,Nikon or Pentax and which of them should I trust ?
      Please Help.
      Thanks !
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    • elsahoffmann
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      Hi Joe
      welcome to ODP
      I would stick with either Nikon or Canon – they are established brands and keep their resale value better. Besides that you will be buying into a system – and Pentax is just not as supported as the other 2 brands. Adding gear and moving up will be an issue – stick to something that you can add onto. Pentax doesnt have the range to grow into.

    • marlon
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      I moved into Nikon from Pentax 2 years ago (k100d, k10, k20d), after about 6 years on pentax.
      I can not say anything bad about pentax, the build, the images, the sensors, the lenses – it was amazing, everything was nice and ergonomic. I miss it… and all those vintage lenses.

      But I moved for a reason, like Elsa said, upgradability, lens availability, support, software, etc. There’s not looking back, I love nikon, and I appreciate the vast array of stuff available in SA, and support. Pentax is an underdog, just finding advice from another shooter could take weeks, unless you’re in some parts of the world, where it’s very much alive.

      I would personally stick to Nikon now that I am here, but all we can do is give you our personal opinions. I am sure you already know what you’re going to do.

      Goodluck 🙂

      PS: just noticed you are in america… oops. Hows it going now? Did you choose yet?

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