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Over Exposing

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  • Mr M
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    Hi All, Recently my photos are over exposing. Which settings do I need to look at to change? I’ve looked at White balance and exposure compensation. Does anyone have any tips for me?

  • elsahoffmann
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    Mr M – the information you are giving is not sufficient for us to help. White balance settings will not give you over exposure.

    1. What do you mean “recently” – did you get a new camera? Did you shoot with something else before?

    2. What mode do you shoot on? Automatic / aperture priority / shutter speed priority?

    3. Have you perhaps dialed in some exposure compensation ? (I see you have checked it – but is it at “0”

    4. What is your ISO settings? Auto? fixed?

    5. What type of photos are specifically over exposed? landscapes/ sport / time of day?

    6. Have you looked at your histogram?

    7. If you shoot on Manual – do you make sure your exposure is correct in the view finder?

    8. Are you using flash?

  • Iwan
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    Maybe also have a look at the metering mode that your camera is set to.

  • PaulN
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    Check your lens. Happened to me a while back and the aperture blades weren’t closing down, the electronic ribbon had torn.

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