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Nikon NPS Service

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  • Peter Betts
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    Everyone goes on about NPS the professional Nikon Service. I have never been a person that bugs an organisation just because I am a member. However when Greg Mathee was in charge I did have a couple of occassions where I needed to ask a question and this is where the good reputation came in and these few times I had contact always ended happily and speedily while Canon had endless problems with Cameratek. Greg left to pursue a career in another field and Hendri turned out to be a couple of months wonder who seldom returned my calls. Now I want to upload the new software for the D700 and need help and I cant find/dont know how to use the cables supplied. I must have phoned 15-20 times and left messages for the new bloke to phone me…niks…where is Roger Machin…will never use his products but Canon Pros are truly lucky in having Roger as their man in RSA….I will have to ask my questions at ODP and B&H while Nikon NPS try and find out who they are and what their mission in life is:mad::mad::mad::confused:

  • Jola
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    Peter, sorry to hear that you are unhappy with Nikon, but you don’t need to use the cables to do the upload.

    Format a CF card in your camera, and then copy the extracted firmware file into the root directory of the CF card (placed in your card reader) from the computer.

    Put the CF card back in the camera, and off you go. You do need a fully charged battery.

    BTW, there is only one firmware file, unlike in the past where there usually was an A and a B. This time they are both updated at the saME TIME.

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