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Nikon D850

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  • elsahoffmann
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    Soooo I know Woody has one – who else has taken the bold step to acquire a specimen ?

  • chambeshi
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    @elsahoffmann 298008 wrote:

    Soooo I know Woody has one – who else has taken the bold step to acquire a specimen ?

    Hi Elsa
    Well apparently Orms have moved well over 100+ units with more awaited. As of last week, there were still quite a few orders waiting on shipment(s). (This is hearsay!)
    Forums reveal no lack of the “peed-off” waiting on orders they’d placed. This seems to be in UK and N America. Even the likes of big retailers like B&H in NYC haven’t been able to meet demands. Demands for the dedicated D850 Grip also well over supply. And there’s no shortage of Used Nikon SLRs for sale online…D8xx, D750s etc. An index of upgrades
    Besides these informal info on stats of demand vs supply since release of the D850, there’s been no lack of www coverage [that’s with exception of here 🙂 ]
    These reviews are mostly clickbait, especially in reparting on hasty trials of the AF of the D850 and its buffer performance or whatever. And then trying to denigrate the device…. so more heat and noise than wisdom. But over the past week at least one more thorough review has been published (these take time….) :

    Steve Perry updated his excellent book to cover the D850, he covers the focus-stacking (which, incidentally, only works with AFS lenses!)

    Well i’m more than delighted with having invested in a D850, and so is a friend in CT 🙂 In short this camera delivers across all fronts….

  • elsahoffmann
    Post count: 3717

    Ye woody – I was wondering if the ODP community has bought into the new D850 yet.

    I decided to spend on travel this year rather than new gear. But after the trip to the Kalahari I might need new gear 🙂

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