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Nikon 24-120 f4 VR

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  • MBenadie
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    Has anyone had any local first-hand experience with this newish Nikon lens?

    Read a very favourable review on:

    Took the Ken Rockwell review on this lens with a pinch of salt especially when compared to the new 28-300. How can a variable aperture zoom ever be better the a fixed zoom??

    Many still recommend the Nikon 24-70 f2.8 but that is a hunk of glass to carry around.

    This would be for more general travel photography and low-light scenario not always a consideration.

  • swainsons
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    Hey Martin,

    Just buy it. What else even comes close??



  • Pasquier
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    I’m very happy with this lens – it is very sharp – has excellent contrast and saturation – it really is much better than the 28-300mm – I have both!
    You can see examples on:
    I prefer it to the 24-70mm, as I like the extra reach offered and the VR more than offsets the f4.0 aperture.
    That said, the 24-70mm is a superb piece of glass.
    HTH, P:)

  • MBenadie
    Post count: 48

    Thanks Pasquier – that helps a lot. Actually enjoyed several posts on your blog! Cheers

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