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New Website, Please Comment

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    • Mr Lylie
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      Hi there.

      Im pretty new to this Forum, having been a member of DPREVIEW for some time now, i though it would be nice to get involved with some local forums.

      I have just set up a website for my photography, please have a look and let me know what you think, of the photography, but also the website, what you like/dislike.

      Thank you fo comments in advance.

      The site is still “BETA” mode so a couple of links are not working yet. And on monday I wil have the HTML verion set up.


      Thanks for your time.

      Duran DeV

    • splinter
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      Front page looks good. HTML site is not working yet:(

      The text in your about section is a little difficult to read (not clear).:(

      Good collection of images.:)

      My rating: 4*

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