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ND filter advice

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    • Roscoe
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      Hi guys

      I’m a newbie with a Canon 60d. I bought it off a mate secondhand primarily for learning about video recording with different lenses. I’ve got some great old Nikkor lenses from my dad who originally bought them in the 80’s. Through the use of an adaptor I’ve been able to make use of them and I’ve been experimenting alot.

      I am now almost positive I need some sort of filter/s because often the clip is overexposed when shooting outdoors and wanting to create that shallow depth of field. My question is what filter do I need?? There are so many available that I have no idea which ones to consider. Do I need to break the bank when purchasing one or are there some options at reasonable prices? Should I look local or look to buy off ebay/amazon etc?

      Any advice would be most welcome thank you.

    • Peter Connan
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      Will you still be able to focus when using a filter?

      If you want to buy cheap, make sure you tsest first. A lot of the cheap filters introduce a nasty colour cast.

    • bomtek
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      your best bet would probably be a variable ND filter and not a specific ND – these dont come cheap but its a buy once option and you can adjust the exposure on the fly without having to change or add filters.

      Use an adapter for smaller diameter filter threads – buying larger means it will fit more lenses – smaller filters will show vignetting.

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