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Looking for affordable telephoto lenses (secondhand)2013-03-16T10:16:57+02:00

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Looking for affordable telephoto lenses (secondhand)

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  • Zaakirinho
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    I’ve been doing photography for a while now, still learning tho. I am however looking for a telephoto lens to use for sport (cricket. football) & game viewing.

    If anyone has secondhand lenses in good condition you can inform me.

    I am using a nikon D5100, so anything compatible will do.

  • Thinus155
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    Post in the classifieds maybe someone can help you there.

  • SuperFly
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    The problem is that longer lenses of usable quality are generally not all that affordable.

    Try find a 70-300 VR second hand for around R3500 (not to be confused with the various cheaper 70-300 lenses out there). it’s going to be a compromise but it’s your best bet in my opinion. It is light and versatile but the high aperture is going to make it difficult to get a high shutter speed to freeze the action when the light is bad.

    Also look at the Sigma 150-500 and 50-500 for more reach but they are more expensive and suffer from the same apature restrictions.

    The 300mm F4 for sale on the forum right now is a good lens but it wont auto focus on your D5100.

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