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Kruger Photography?

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  • Niranjan B Venkatesh
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    I was reading up on Kruger, and it seems by law you cant have anything projecting outside the vehicle.

    I was going to have made a support system made that attached to the roof rack, work on swivels and accepts my wimberley head, all of which would be out side the car, and when i need to, i was going to attach the camera to the head ( as i will have at least two bodies with different lenses on it). That would mean the camera and support system would be outside and only during shooting would i, fit the camera and then need to put my hand on the camera/ or use remote.

    Or is it just better to use a bean bag?


  • DigitalDog
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    I did see someone this month at the Kruger with a mini canvas tent over his sunroof. It had a solid front so they could still drive with it up. He was standing through his sunroof and shooting with a huge white lens!

  • Chad Cocking
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    were you planning to shoot out of the roof, or would the thing hang down by the drivers side window?

    you really dont want to be shooting from the roof – high angles are generally rubbish for nature photography, the lower the better! a door bracket and tripod head is a good bet, or a bean bag…

    as for the rules, i just know people have a freaking heart attack if you stick yourself out of the vehicle…they then stop photographing the animal and photograph you :p

  • Peter Betts
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    Ja things like Beanbags are ok and the lens sticks out..Occasionally an animal comes down the road and to avoid shooting through the windscreen… I have to lean out and balance camera and lens on wing mirror and that nesessatates head and shoulders out but thats in the north where I am on my own in situations like these and it affects no one and I am very careful not to disturb the I know when its OK and when not..Shooting through a sunroof is rank amateurish!!

  • Niranjan B Venkatesh
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    Nope not out of the sunroof.

    The unit would hang parallel to the door, at open window level, then the camera would mostly be out of the car.
    To open the door at picnic or camp, stick out hand loosen the clamp , turn holder away from door and then get out.

    If i put a tent on my door, would i be able to hang out of the door!:eek::p

  • Alvin
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    you will be fine shooting with camera out your door window

  • visagieh
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    No prob. I use bean bag 90%, and for big lenses one can look at this.

    I drive with windows open, and door mount on all the time. Yep it collects dust/mud/goggas etc. Only hassle is at picnic sites one has to take the thing off to close the windows because of the monkeys that fed the monkeys/baboons.

  • Niranjan B Venkatesh
    Post count: 336

    Cool product!

    Will have to get into Pretoria, on one of my trips into JHB to have a look at it.

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