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Is My spend OK?

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    • Keith Baxter
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      Spring is upon us and I want to take advantage of wonderful life in my garden in 2017. From the mosquito lave in the bird feeding feature to the sprouting flowers insects that are part of life.

      My equipment is moderate and exposable income is limiting. I want make sure I do not purchase another bad apple. Simon indicated that with my Kenko 2X tele-plus converter.

      So I am looking at a “Light Tent” that I can use as a wind shield and double as a light soft box for use when out in the garden taking shots of flora and insects and in “table studio”. Offerings around the R500.00 are attractive. 400mm 600mm are my considerations. Please give thoughts on size and if this is a sensible purchase.

      Do I need a set of extension tubes to get closer to the flower/insect for out door shooting? Are the cheep plastic ones worth it or should one spend double for a brand set? Or Just pass?

      Now I come to Flash lighting. I am looking for a good value system for a small budget for the odd shoot. Is this a reasonable unit as a starter? Yongnuo YN-565 EX

      I want to buy a second unit next month so the budget is around the R2.6k. Should i save a little more and get more powerful units or are these OK for what I want to do.

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