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Image Auto Rotation

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  • Poolstok
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    Hey all!

    I have noticed that some of the images I take in portrait format does not get rotated by the camera.

    Once downloaded to my PC, my image viewer will show most of the images taken in portrait format at a 90 degree angle (not upright) and some upright.

    What I do notice when doing batch processing in photoshop is that the images that are at a 90 degree angle in my file viewer, are upright in PS’s batch process thumbnail window, and have a little ‘rotated’ arrow icon in the corner. The images that are upright in the file viewer are upright in PS’s batch process thumbnail window, without the little icon

    Why are some images then seen as ‘rotated’ and some not’? Could it be that the portrait / landscape sensor of the camera is a bit wonky?



  • xeallysam
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    I noticed that most image viewers (windows Picture and Fax viewer and Irfanview for example) don’t seem to pick this up, but when using photography orientated applications, they put them the way the camera had them (you will notice your camera will rotate them for you on the LCD too)

  • DirkL
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    True Daryn, but some do not get rotated….
    I reckon it’s the sensor….

  • btaylor
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    I have had no problems with the auto rotate when using the camera cable/ software to download. But if I download directly from the card then the software does not pick up the auto rotation 100 percent of the time

  • horrit
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    I experienced last Friday in our OutdoorPhoto Monthly Workshop with Mark that two or three of my photos did not rotate, whilst the others all rotated.

    I’ve read somewhere that the tilt (left/right) determine whether the sensor picks up the rotation, but that, if there’s much tilting to the front or backwards (e.g. the lens pointing up or down) then the rotation sensor can get confused. [ Edit: It’s actually mentioned in my camera’s manual p.191 under the Problems/Causes section as a possible cause, so it may apply to other cameras, too.]

    My camera’s manual states that, while in continuous shooting mode, the rotation is saved as for the first frame, even if rotation is changed during the continuous session.

    So I think it’s perfectly possible/normal if some photos dont rotate. If the photos consistently do not rotate, maybe the camera’s rotation is switched off in a custom menu function.

  • NightOwl – Chris Fourie
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    I take a lot of pictures of flowers and insects and this terribly confuse this sensor. The sensor does not cater for when the camera is facing lens down, some pics are portrait and other landscape. I have disabled this auto-function.

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