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E-bay possibilities?

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  • Kobus2
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    I am looking for a DSLR and was wondering if E-bay is an option. Any comments experiences? I am unsure if this is viable due to import duties/grey products/warranties etc.



  • hertzogo
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    When I bought my DSLR I tried E-bay and found some good deals but when you try to follow up most of the suppliers did not want to ship to Africa as ther is to much fraud going on. I ended up buying my camera from http://www.bhphotovideo.com/ I must say their service is top notch. Due to trade agreements they are not allowed to sell some products outside of the US like the D70 I wanted. I then noticed they had Used / refurbished D70s and I could buy that no problem. I took the change and bought one at US$200 less than new and when I got it was in a box stating Nikon Reconditioned product. I could not tell the difference between my camera and the new one a friend of mine just bought in Cape town a week before I got mine. I have taken 2311 photos with it so far and no problems. The best of it all I paid less for my camera body + 18-70 mm + 70-300mm + 135-400mm lenses including shipping & customs dutyies and taxes than what some shops in SA charge for the body + 18-70mm lens.

  • J.J. van Endt
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    thnx for the reply

    What kind of import taxes/duties is applicable to the import of a camera and lenses, say to the value of $1000-$1500?


  • hertzogo
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    Cameras and lenses are duty free you only pay the VAT I think with you guys in South Africa it is 14% us Namibians have to pay 16.5%. If you order from BHPhoto use the UPS option for shipping it takes a little longer but half the price of Fedex.

  • Mike Nell
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    Hi Sandtracks
    SA actually do charge duties and quite a lot at it.
    The way it works is as follows, they convert to Rands plus 15% then 7% and you pay that 7% of the total ,the then add 10% plus that pevious 7% and charge the VAT on that.
    So as per example.
    Let say you buy something for $1000 and exhange is R6.00
    The Rand value is R6000
    the Gov markup of 15% added takes it to R9600 then the 7% is R483 which constitutes the so called Part 2B
    then they take the R6000 again and ad 10% which takes it to R6600 plus the previous R483 and that takes it to R7083 and the VAT on that is R991.62
    So the total you pay is R483 duties and R991.61 VAT plus then the couriers disbursment fees of aprox R150 .
    So you charges will look as follows. R6000 to B&H (keep in mind shipping was not part of maths)
    and then R1624.42 to UPS when they dilever and they pay over to SARS
    At the end a $1000 product cost you R7624.61 excluding shipping.
    It is an unfortunate fact that many believe you only time the amount by the currency.
    Yes some some stuff are much cheaper but one should do the maths and then compare and decide to take the risk without any warrantees.

    I do imports for clients that want higher-end equipment and I do give warrantees with those products.Most overseas suppliers can give warrantees but you need to send it there to be fixed ,and I for one will feel uncomfortable buying lower end products in such way.
    Hope it helps

  • Trevor Day
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    The biggest problem with e-bay is the paypal system. It isn’t available for South Africa, and therefore you can’t buy because you can’t use paypal.

    For a good rule of thumb. Add 25% to your US$ total and convert that to rands to get to the imported price. Add to that 5%-10% of the US$ price for shipping (depending on method, mail, UPS, Fedex). Allow 2 weeks for delivery even when using Fedex or UPS and up to 6 weeks with airmail(although I’ve had delivery within 10 days with airmail as well) – surface mail WILL be longer than 2 months.

    Good luck.

  • Gerrie
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    Also remeber you may only buy up to 20K per transaction on your Credit Card as per Reserve Bank ruling.

    I think Henke’s rule of thumb of 25% is a good one.

    Maybe we should all club in and buy a plane ticket to the states with big order and hope customs are asleep as usual 🙂

    Hope nobody from customs is reading this. 😀

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