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DSLR conversion to infrared

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    • DartX
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      Hi guys/girls

      There are some very old threads about this, but no information there as to if there are perhaps infrared camera conversion available in South Africa. I know Outdoorphoto used to have a converted D200, and would like to have one of my old D300 bodies converted. From what I could find on the web, people got some good results from them. Removing the IR filter on the sensor seems to be a risky, but do-able, but sourcing a replacement filter to cut of RGB and having to remove the sensor cleaning element is stopping me from trying it out.

      Any thought/ideas?

    • SimonDP
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      Other than some factory conversions, I don;t know of any private ones around, or know of someone who had done this in recent years.

    • elsahoffmann
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      This type of photography is much more popular in the USA and Europe. There are some forums specialising in this topic – again overseas – but locally you hear someone mention infrared every 5 years or so.

Viewing 2 reply threads

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