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Canon EOS 300D – Beginner???

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  • Lina
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    Hi there

    I’m new to this whole business and want to take up photography as a hobby. I’ve decided to go digital but just want to know what you think about the Canon EOS 300D.



  • Mike Nell
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    Hi Lina

    The short answer to your question is to go for it.There is nothing wrong with the camera and you can grow with it.It is one of the worlds best sellers if not the best selling Digital SLR.
    There are other brands that you could consider like the Nikon D70 as well.

    The longer part of the answer to an unasked question is this.
    Do you currently own any equipment and what sort of equipment.If you are already geared up with lenses in a particular brand you might consider that brand(Depend on what you have)
    Will you only be doing happy snappies of your pets and kids, well maybe a SLR might be an overkill.
    Share some thought and I am sure you might get some good pointers here.

  • Neels Jackson
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    Hi Hedrus

    Thanks for your reply. Firstly I don’t have any equipment only a Digital Compact. I’m going on a course in Feb to learn more about photography and are quite serious about it. My only concern is that I don’t know which camera to buy – Canon EOS 300D or the Nikon D70. I would like to get hold of a camera before I start the course so that I can learn how to use it properly from the start.



  • Monty Montgomery
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    Maybe it is best to do the course first, learn the basics of photography, decide what your personal style/requirements are, and only then decide what camera you need to meet these requirements??

  • Mike Nell
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    Justin you are so right.

    It is good advice to try and do the course first and learn what you can.
    A salesman might want to convince you of stuff that you might not need or maybe are inferior.
    Some course presenters do offer loan or rental camera so that you can use it for the duration.
    It would also not do harm to work with film during the course to get the feel.

  • michielp
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    Hey Lina,

    I’ve owned a 300D. For what it is, its a great camera. But a camera is only as good as the lens put in front of it. In that area, the deal you will get with the NIkon D70 + kit lens is the winner. Great lens, great camera for the price.

    Now remember, since you dont have any other SLR equipment, you’re not just going to be buying a camera, you’ll be investing into a system of lenses, flashes, accessories etc, camera bodies will come and go but the lenses and other stuff you’ll keep.
    The new 350D is a huge improvement over the 300D and IMO is slightly better than the D70. But think about how much you have to spend on lenses, because they are the deciding factor.
    the forums on http://www.dpreview.com will give you loads of D70 vs 350D vs 300D debates and will give u an extensive idea of the pros and cons of each model. Bottom line, all 3 are great.

    Good Luck,


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