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Canon 7D mkII wish list

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    • camerasaurusrex
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      With the anouncement of the 1DX. I’m curious what will become of the 5D II and 7D lines? I think wildlife photogs and birders in particular have become quite attached to the crop sensor bodies. Since I own a 7D, my only gripe with the 7D is the noise at higher ISO produced by the tiny pixels. What I would like to see is an improved ISO sensitivity of the sensor. I don’t mind if canon retract, and reduce the pixel density (with increase pixel size and sensitivity) to 12MP to acheive this, but if they can improve the ISO performance by a few more stops that would be a winner. Why I say that I don’t mind dropping the pixel density, is that there are very few lenses (other than standard and short telephoto primes) that allow you to resolve to that pixel density. Even my very sharp 400mm f5.6L prime struggles to resolve to that pixel density in ideal circumstances. I think its a fair trade. Couple this with a dual digic 5, I’m sure they can reach the highest FPS for a DSLR:)

      On the 5D mk III, I guess the full frame distinction will probably be replaced by more emphasis of it being a stock/studio photo camera with full frame very high pixel densities to match the Nikon D800?

      What would you like to see on the next generation XD canons?

    • J-D
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      I don’t think you will really win ISO performance by lowering pixel count. Well, not more than you would win by simply re-sampling the image to the lower resolution. It is simpler remove pixels afterwards than to put them back in.

    • DeonRacePix
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      I would like 10fps & better ISO performance, and cheaper wifi adapter, like in a lot cheaper.

    • Henk Coetzee
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      Can we stop having this discussion. Smaller sensels = higher per pixel noise. Smaller sensors = higher image noise (assuming a constant print size). The major sensor manufacturers are, believe it or not, doing the best that they can, given the constraints of the technology and the budgets made available to them. As J-D says, if you’re unhappy with the noise levels or if your lenses are outresolved by the sensor, resample the image at lower resolution or (horror of horrors) stop pixel peeping and look at the images as a whole. If you need to produce prints which are too large for the combination of resolution and sensor size, you need a larger sensor.

      Remember that there are plenty of users who like short lenses on APS-C cameras.

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