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Canon 60 D Which lense??

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    A friend of mine in Isreal is looking to shoot video of indoor sports with plenty of good light, am I right in saying the 60D will do the job BUT WHICH lense should he use. It is for the sport of handball, so always indoors.

  • Thndr_strck
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    depends on how close he will be able to get to the action, what his price range is, how much weight he can support ?
    Maybe: canon 24-105 f4 or 70-200 f4 or even a 70-300 L

  • michaeldenysschen
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    He could also look at the new 18-135 stm lens. He might do better getting the 650D together with one of the stm lenses. Reason for this being that the lens and body are made for each other when it comes to video recording. Silent focus helps keep the focus noises down when doing video. I am no specialist in this area though…just what I have read after reading up on the 40mm stm pancake lens.

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