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Canon 24-105 f4 L IS USM Lens

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  • Fotoman
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    Can anyone please comment on this lens. A client of mine is interested in getting one and would like to know what suggestions/comments anyone may have please. She is currently using the EOS 350D body that will be upgraded later.

  • m0narf
    Post count: 660

    An excellent lens, that together with the 24-70 2.8 are regarded as the best of the best.

  • sulie7605
    Post count: 13

    The best place for Canon reviews is

    They compare all the lenses

  • Trudelbug
    Post count: 36

    It is a great Excellent Lens, still i prefer 24-70 over this lens

  • jhayden
    Post count: 1921

    An excellent lens for general use. I use mine for everything from motorsport to weddings, studio to commercial stuff. I prefer the 24-105/4 over the 24-70/2.8 as the latter does not do head & shoulder portraits as flattering as the longer focal length lens (note – this is my personal opinion.)

  • PierreC
    Post count: 53

    This is an excellent lens, BUT it is aimed at the full-frame (5D and 1Ds) market. Although it works very well on a FOVC body such as the 350D it does not mean it’s the best choice. A lot depends on the application, if it is intended as a general purpose walk-about lens then your client might do better with the 17-85mm IS lens simply because it is a “wider” lens. The focal length between 17 and 24 mm might sound like a little, but it makes a BIG difference.
    I point this out because I have both lenses (using a 20D body) but I find that although the 24-105 lens is by far superior to the 17-85 lens, I tend to use the latter more often simply because I often shoot with the zoom set between 17 and 24mm. That means I have to swap lenses more often than I like.
    In my case the superiority of the 24-105 lens is somewhat lost simply because of the zoom range. However the 24-105 will really come into it’s own right the day that I upgrade to fullframe. 🙂

  • mimi
    Post count: 233

    Depending on use ! By far one of the best lenses out there, I use mine for all type of functions, the zoom is perfect for head shots as well as group photos. Unless you have a specific need for the 17-85… don’t do it!

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