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Canon 1.4x extender compatible?

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    • ballistic
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      Hey guys.

      Anybody using a Canon 1.4x extender with a Sigma 150-500mm? Whats your take on picture quality as well as are there any auto focus issues? Links to pics taken with and without the extender would be greatly appreciated.


    • SimonDP
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      Sigma says their 1.4x can be used with the 150-500, but knowing the effect of TC on zoom lenses, and the clean lens IQ, I would not recommend it being used with a TC, unless you are not very fussy about detail, sharpness and IQ. Also you will loose AF, have a quite dark viewfinder ( f9 reported as f8 to the camera) and should you have a camera which can handle f8 AF, it will be slow and not very accurate, and non-existent in poor lighting.

    • elsahoffmann
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      I have also seen people use extenders on all sorts of lenses – and the long ones. I had a really good TC – but quite frankly I agree with the other boet – I seriously woud avoid the use if I could. Actually I do. I just pretend there is no such thing as a TC

Viewing 2 reply threads

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