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Bright, soft, pastel photos

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    • WayneThomas
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      Wondering if anyone can shed some ‘light’ on how to take those popular bright, somewhat overexposed pastel type of photos. I’m doing a matric farewell shoot with two couples and would love to change my photos up a bit. Additional advice is welcome.
      Unfortunately I’m shooting at around 1pm-3pm so bit concerned over harsh light.
      At f/1.4 most of my photos are overexposed, but I love the shallow DOF, any way around this apart from ND Filters?
      Canon 750D 1.6x crop sensor
      Canon 50mm f/1.4
      Canon 70-200mm f2.8L USM
      Flash: Canon Speedlite 430 ex ii
      Filters: Hoya standard filters (polarized and ND8)

    • elsahoffmann
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    • WayneThomas
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      Apologies was not sure where to post.

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