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Blind Hides

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  • elsahoffmann
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    Not the kind you need Braille for – the kind you hide in – like this:

    who has one ? Or any other one for that matter

    Any input please?

  • Peter Connan
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    I have a home-made single-person one, made by my mom and dad.

    they made two, and I don’t know what my mom did with my dad’s, but will find out if it’s available if you are interested.

    Effectively a little tent shaped rather like the chemical toilets one sees at big events, with a sock for the lens and a couple of small windows. These are covered an gauze/mozzy net and have velcroe’d flaps on the inside.

    I have found that the birds need a couple of days to get used to it, so I don’t take it along when travelling anymore, but I do use it in my garden fairly regularly.

    I used it once in a big game area, and must say it was a little scary, as you can’t see out of it very well, and not at all behind you…

    Praat met my voor jy koop?

  • elsahoffmann
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    Thanks Peter – yes please we will talk

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