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Be Careful Members

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  • Peter Betts
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    This morning after I got back from Shooting Iron Man at the Beachfront I clicked onto ODP and there was a pm for me.. from “Gautengpics” insinuating that I must have grown out of my Nikkor 18-200 DX lens as he has just bought a D300 and needs to put some glass on it, so why dont I sell it to him. I mean this guy only joined today…how does he “know” my lens is for sale (WHICH IT IS NOT) Checked his posts = NIL, Checked his gallery = Nil.
    I checked Hedruses Price and took off R 600 and told him I need money in the bank and cleared FIRST then I ship remembering all too well what happened to my colleague Brett Scheepers here n PE by selling stuff to unknown entities. He came back to me saying he wasnt looking for a lens in that price bracket..well then he musnt ask me then!!..hasnt been back on since…Just be careful guys doesnt seem kosher joining today and then looking at members signatures where equipment is mentioned my Nikon Stuff and then on day 1 approach that member “assuming” he would just sommer sell his favorite wedding/stock photography lens…nice try and go away

  • vdvyvejk
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    Cash only please.
    My personal experience with this camera is awesome. Huge photos with magnificent low noise at high ISO values like 1600 and 3200. I have not seen another camera capable of these features.
    The camera is six months old and is in immaculate condition without even any marks. It has a versatile EF28-105mm f4-5,6 lens on which is great all around.
    This camera sells new for R27 000 and the lens for R2 300
    My beloved 5D and lens is bundled now for R22 990 (negotiable) including a second battery and charger.
    I have an almost new 580EX Mk II flash if anyone is interested as well.

    He appears to be selling off his Canon gear in the classifieds – Must be p’d off with Canon and converting to a fabulous Nikon 😀

  • Missy
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    Russ;100800 wrote:
    He appears to be selling off his Canon gear in the classifieds – Must be p’d off with Canon and converting to a fabulous Nikon 😀

    Still a bit of a Cheek to contact me out of the blue and ask me to sell my lens…sure everything is for sale but then he must make it attractive to me by offering me related market value prices…welcome to Nikon gautengpics but it will cost you Nikon comes witha price on it…its not throw away stuff as you were expecting me to do when my lens was not even for sale…you can by my F5 at a huge discount if you want…I seriously dont use it anymore and instead of asking market value of R 23000 I will Give it Away at R 5000 …there is a bargain

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