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Back button focus issue

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    • mufasa
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      Hi All,

      I have recently started using back-button focus on my 1DMK4. I used to always use the shutter button for this on my old 7D but want to give this a try.

      While it seems like a good thing I have issues in that it does not always focus. If the lens is far off focus then sometimes pressing the back-button (AF-on) does nothing. I can tap it and still does nothing. I then have to point it to a closer object to first focus on that and then it will work or I manually have to adjust it first and then it works. It does not always behave this way but it does from time to time.


      Any ideas why?



    • SimonDP
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      Also use a 1D4 with BBF and never had that issue on any of my lenses. I assume it works fine when used with normal shutter focus setting?

Viewing 1 reply thread

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