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advice on lenses

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    • lizelduvenage
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      I bought a Nikon D7100, currently looking at lenses for wildlife, we live near Krugerpark

      I narrow it down to:
      [h=1]Tamron 150-600 or tamron 150-600 g2 [/h]Nikkor 200-500 mm , f5.6

      or maybe the sigma for the 50-500, no need to change lenses…
      [h=1]Sigma 50-500mm F4.5-6.3 DG OS HSM[/h]
      Please give some advice, hopefully from someone who has both…

    • Peter Connan
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      I don’t own any of the mentioned lenses, but would like to chip in anyway.

      The 50-500 is extremely versatile, and was an extremely impressive piece of glass when released, but I think things have moved on a little since then. Obviously, the lens has not gotten worse over time though. However, expect it to be poorest at the ends of the zoom range, exactly where I would expect you to need it most of the time…

      As for the Nikkon vs. the other two, remember that Nikkor develop both their lenses and their cameras, and are heavily invested in backwards compatability. Thus we can reasonably assume that yet-to-be-released cameras will work with the 200-500 for many years to come.

      There is no such guarantee with third-party lenses. Having said that, this has never stopped me from buying lenses from other makers when they offer clear advantages for my purposes.

    • elsahoffmann
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      I would always and every time go for the Nikon 200-500. Own it and love it. my results with this lens speaks for itself. Yes skill and technique is very important too. it’s not only the lens.

    • SimonDP
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      The Tamron 150-600 (older version) and Sigma 50-500 – will frustrate you soon enough with slow AF, and soft results past 400mm. I have used both for evaluation purposes.
      The Sigma 150-600 Contemporary – better than two lenses above.
      The Tamron 150-600 G2 – supposedly better than the three lenses above, haven;t used one, but some notable reviews found it still softer past 450, but better than version 1.
      The Sigma 150-600 Sport – super lens, and superer when set up properly with the USB dock
      The Nikon 200-500 – very nice lens indeed, have limited experience with it, used a friends lens at cricket with his camera, and was impressed. Elsa also seems to make it work for her.
      If you are one a budget, also look out for the older Sigma 150-500 OS, a nice lens indeed even if replaced by the newer 150-600’s.

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