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  • BushMaster
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    Hi guys, not sure if this is because I did a firmware upgrade, or it has always been so.
    I cant seem to find how to set the image quality to shoot RAW and small jpeg to the same card.
    any idea?
    if it is possible, I’ll keep digging.
    ps. the 7D does have two card slots, but the SD card is a wi-fi card and cant be used to store jpegs.

  • elsahoffmann
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    Sorry BM – wish I could assist – but I am on the dark side…
    I assume you tried the google route and the manual already – so I cant add anything.

  • BushMaster
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    Thanks Elsa.
    it was late last night when I ran into the issue.
    will look tonight.
    I am using qDSLRDashboard app to control the camera over wi-fi. After each capture, it downloads to the phone. the default is to download the smallest file format for review on the phone. My camera can only do raw OR jpeg. no raw PLUS jpeg. (From what i can see)
    as a result it downloads the RAW. this can take up to 15 seconds.
    I will try work it out later. just thought someone might know off the top of their head

  • Norm de Plume
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    Record to multiple.

    Swap out the wifi card for a normal SD card if necessary.

  • BushMaster
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    Thanks Norm.
    Found the record to multippple setting

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