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I have got a 18-200 Nikkon lense on my Nikkon D90.
If I want that extra more for wild photography (animals and birds, not humans!!), should I rather buy a 400mm or 500mm lense or would a teleconverter be as good for cheaper?
(If this was a question before, I am sorry, but I’m not a veteran on this forum)

THAT is why non-veterans should use the search function… but I will put you out of your misery without shooting you!

Teleconverter would not work on the 18-200 – for that you would need something like the 70-200/2.8. And the 70-200 eats TC’s for breakfast.

And if you plan to go the 400/500 route (birds) also factor in a support system – tripod and SUITABLE head. Carbon fibre legs and a Wimberley…