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Look at brands, you know have a proved track record in this country, as far as servicing, spares, and available modifiers. In short, with your budget you have a few options with entry level kits. Im not going to dis any brand in particular, but have a look at the following options:

Elinchrom DX kit

IMHO, theyre all good, and worth a look. However Id recommend, you perhaps visit a few camera store’s, and take your camera along. Ask to test a few of the rigs, and see for yourself. Every monoblock brand, has its own “feel,” and unique color cast. The Elinchroms, have a blue, the Jinbei’s a slightly reddish yellow, and the Profoto’s, a Red. If youre looking at mobility, have a look at the new rechareable heads available in the Jinbei range. Goodluck

[edit] Keep in mind, you may want to cost a radio trigger in as well, if youre not keen on working tethered to a strobe. (not cool, when someone trips over the cable, and brings everything crashing to the ground…)

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