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FDB;153862 wrote:
Hi all.
I can get it at this price, but they are 2.5M wide and not 2.7M.
Bonus is that a roll is only R600 and 30M long instead of 10M or 11M.

My curve in my studio is 4.8M wide, so i would need to overlay the paper?

Any tips?

I also have 2 similar white paper rolls ( rejects I got them from a place that print posters etc…) of about the same width each. I have tried to overlay them but I haven’t found a way to do this without needing to photoshop out the overlap. I just use this paper to put on my proper seamless where the model stands to protect the paper from getting dirty. This works OK and if lit correctly no photoshop is required. I also use one roll as a backdrop when photographing products or babies and small children that don’t move a lot. Cheers

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