Dumay de Boulle
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I can see you are actually are just wasting peoples time. I just checked the classifieds and see you posted a 24-105 for sale. In another thread you say you have a 50D and you dont experience any noise even at high ISO when the camera is renowned for being noisy (I know, I had one) You ask what would be better a 500D or a 5D for wildlife, but you have a 50D already and you ask a question like that. No one in there right mind would go from a 50D to 500D.Also the 5D is full frame and and other a 1.6 crop factor…Two different worlds. I have never said anything like this regarding the 10 magical post mark. But you just need to know that wasting peoples time on this forum is the wrong thing to do. We will all help when we can. Just dont waste our time:mad: And I have just checked your profile you say you experience level is Intermediate and in another thread you ask what the difference between Tele Zoom and a wide angle…..Come on