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Go look on Gumtree.co.za. There are ads there where they try to sell you a Nikon Dh2 for R500. The thing is, these people send out a million ads and if they get only one reply they score more than they probably could earn in their country picking rice.

I would imagine ODP is too localised to have these scammers find it and put ads on it. But on the other hand, it would be nice to hear from the moderators if they have had anything fishy come through.

I think the one thing to remember is that you can’t “con an honest man” and no honest man is going to pay R500 for a Dh2 without asking serious questions about its authenticity.

Out of interest I emailed one of these scams. I told the guy that he was a *^@( and a &$(#@, and what I thought of him, etc. etc… This is what he replied with:

Dear friend£º
Very happy can contact you, we are Sell an electronics product.We have various electronics product, you can choose products that you are interested in.Our company directly enters goods from the factory , so the price of our products is very cheap.
The products of our company are all all new.
If you are dissatisfied,in 30 days we guarantee returnable.
If you are interested in, you can contact us.Even you don’t buy our products and we can also make friends.
website: http://www.eur88.com
MSN: [email protected]
Email: [email protected]

Best of wish

Now, if you buy something and lose your money to someone like that then it is only a miracle that you were bright enough to make the money in the first place. (Sorry if I sound caustic but SA just lost the cricket.)