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Does the tog say the pic was paid work? No! It’s posted in a gallery with other commercial type images. That’s all it is.

Does the tog list the client in his client list?

Does the tog have a blog entry regarding the competition.
Yes he does and is even big enough to congratulate the winner.

Does the tog actually claim on any site, blog or forum that he did any paid work for the client?

Fraud? Do you have any proof that he defrauded anybody and got money out of anybody through this?

How about togs who do a wedding workshop and post the pics in their portfolios? Is that fraud? How about second shooters who were just tagging along?

If you take a pic of a watch and post it in your commercial gallery is that saying you did a paid shoot for TAG or Rolex. No, it just shows what you can do.

A quick mail to the tog in question could have answered your questions.