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Hey Furi,

The guys from adrock has and always will be a pain… They move deadlines arround for the magazine, they move launch dates, so there goes your marketing.

They have even told us that if we do not use their designer for our ads, they will ensure that none of our photographs are chosen for inside articles and fillers.

The models never fit the dresses (for their bride of the year shoot) they are always late…

I can go on and on and on… and no, I don’t think another photographer would steal the book (although it’s possible) I think it’s a bride busy planning a wedding. When we were still shooting film, a guest stole all the exposed rolls of film from one of our camera bags… the problem with the world is it’s full of people!!!

But why anybody would still advertise in the info centre is beyond me! When they were in Menlyn, they stole our business name (and changed it within about a month when we sent them a thankyou card for all the extra hits on our website The OneStopWeddingShop – http://www.weddingshop.co.za) no research whatsoever!!! now they moved to a location that has no feet, no easy access, no parking. and before they can establish a niche market, they are moving the place again…

blows my mind that they could survive so long…