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Leon, You didn’t say what 300F2.8 non VR version, but,

The 300 F2.8 is one of Nikons flagship lenses. I had the VR, and sold it for 200-400. Sold it because I got tiered of changing TC’s with one body, but ow boy, that lens was DAMN SHARP and supper fast. I really miss that lens.

As the 300F4, havent used it, so cant say. They say it is sharp, Most say nearly or just as sharp as the 2.8. So tells you something about the 2.8.

Have a look here

As for handling TC’s, you couldn’t be would be better of than with the 2.8. Extra stop. It makes a good combo with the 1.4 and 1.7TC. Still focus fast with any of those TC’s.

The new 2xTC’s should work on the older lenses as long as they arent screwdriver driven.

For BIF, I wonder if the F4 would be easier to shoot because of the lighter weight. For me the Focus speed of the 2.8 would outweigh that.

Hope it helps.