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Mike Tagg
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Jim. Using DSLR’s as video cameras have the disadvantage in that autofocus and zooming present problems while shooting.. However there are attachments which help overcome these. And using correct shooting tecniques can also get around most problems. The quality of the images far surpasses that of video cameras costing many times the price-only one reason why many professional video pros are using cameras like the 7D.Now to answer your question-I researched various software packages at the lower end of the cost range and bought Premiere Elements 9-a friend who uses the full version was very surprised at its features. It interfaces easily with other Adobe software if necessary ie for editing stills if you wish to include them in a production.. It is also a very easy piece of software to use-very much simpler than Elements itself. Three or 4 hours of tutoring from someone who uses it will enable you to get started even to the point of adding additional sound tracks. It can be downloaded from the net for around $100 or can also be bought with Elements 9 for around $140. mike

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