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This might not be the only way or even the best but its the way I do it and it works for me.

I normaly open Adobe Bridge and the navigate to the correct folder(Thumbnails view). After the thumbnails have been updated I right click on one of the group/batch of photos and select Open in Camera Raw …
I then make the adjustments (exposure, sharpness etc) that needs to be done to that photo and then click bottom right Done.

Back in the thumbnails view I then select all that needs to be batched together, then right click and select Previous Conversion to apply the settings to all in the same batch.

Still with all of the photos in the batch selected I now again right click and select Open in Camera Raw … You will notice that a strip with all the photos are displayed on the left hand side. Here you can perhaps make some final adjustmets if you wish. Select the thumbnail on the left to open the photo.

When all final adjustment have been made select the Select All button at the top left and then Save xx images … (where xx is the amount of photos).

The rest is simple and straight forward.

Have fun!