Jaco de Klerk
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Unfort I’m not near my cam case at the moment so cannot check the manual, but if you quote the offending paragraph here WORD FOR WORD I’ll try to help.

There are two types of controls on this lens.
1. knobs to adjust the amount of
(a) tilt or (b) shift (ALWAYS independend of each other), and
2. locks to axial rotate the lens, in order to change the orientation of the tilt and/or shift axis relative to each other and the camera body.

ALL of these adjustments remain independent no matter what. What can be done, is to have the tilt and shift axis in the same plane, or at 90 deg to each other (or, actually, anything in between).

Also, rotating the lens using the lock closest to the lens mount obviously rotates both the tilt and shift parts of the lens.. perhaps this is the source of your confusion?