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Hi Danielle,

For wildlife I am normally in the f5 to f8 range when it comes to f-stops so having f4 is not a must. I would say that the 300mm f2.8 with the 1.4 tele III is better than the 500mm f5.6 with respect to image quality but we are splitting hairs. However, the 500mm PF is a light lens and handy, birds in flight handheld is a dream with this lens.

With wildlife I have mostly found 500mm trumps 420mm. The other factor is are you shooting with FX or DX cameras, I have found that the 300mm is more forgiving towards DX cameras than the 500mm is, but this may be my own preference. So if you already have the 300mm f2.8, which is probably one of Nikons best lenses, I would stick with this and a 1.4 tele using a d500 body. If you are using full frame I would say you are better off getting a 2nd hand 600mm f4 and then put your 1.4 tele on that and now you in business. The 500mm pf is a great lens to have in your kit but I would not say it’s a have to have. Also remember image quality is long lens technique, light and auto focus fine tune of your setup, you mess up any of these and you just as well be taking pics with your cell phone.

Kind Regards