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Most of the big names (Sony, Nikon, Canon etc) are using the technology and it’s because of demand, and maybe because there is not a lot more that can be done on DSLR’s.
Personally the only disadvantage for me is the cost of switching to mirrorless, but other than that I would go mirrorless tomorrow if I had the money. This “old man” is tired of lugging around big heavy bodied DSLR’s and lenses.
The new Sony’s are brilliant as are their lenses. Check the specs and reviews on the Sony A9ii or A7Riv or even the “older” A9 & A7Riii as a comparison.
The debate of DSLR v Mirrorless is going to rage on for some time, but Sony held the Full Frame market (Sony 38%, Canon 36% Nikon 24%) at the end of Dec 2019, indicating which way the market is leaning.
It’s a personal choice for most togs. Both have advantages and disadvantages but switching to mirrorless has to its biggest disadvantage – the costs of starting again are horrendous. If I was just starting out I would only go mirrorless because that’s where the big R & D money is being spent.