Hi Everyone

Im desperately in need of someone with more skills than I can pay for

In general day to day work Im a one man band, but on occasion Im in need of an assistant.

Qualities / Required abilities:
Honesty (work with money, invoicing, etc. for onsite prints)
Reliable (rather early than "on time")
Confidential & professional (not going to steal my clients or badmouth my work to my clients - when you're working with me, you work for me!)
Adobe Photoshop experience (placing images into templates and printing to a dye sublimation printer - events photography)
Assist with equipment (set-up, take-down, hold, point, carry, etc)

Remuneration . . . different projects/events pay different amounts therefore I was hoping to work on a low basic with consideration of a commission on profit from the event. (this works well for events as the more we are able to sell the more we both make)
Availability . . . Persons applying need to be available on any day of the week.
Bonus: You'll learn alot, if I can trust you, Ill share experience with you. Im not scared of competition . . . only spies and thieves. (Dont solicit my clients)

I understand that many may not be available at times and therefore Im hoping to have a bit of an "Assistant List" to choose from so that Im never found in a hot spot without an assistant.
Perhaps it may even be worth while for Outdoor photo to create an "Assistant List" resource on their forum

All interested if you could submit applications to ShaunT@TGVphoto.co.za with a brief on yourself and your abilities/experience in the photo industry and experience with related software