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Thread: 7D + Galaxy tab

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    Default 7D + Galaxy tab

    G'day all

    I have a 7D and a Galaxy Tab 10.1
    I recently purchased an app that allows me to control the camera from my tablet - DSLR Controller

    They connect to each other via a usb adaptor.

    I was thinking of using the tablet as an external monitor for video (and still).

    Now I was wondering if anybody had or is doing something similar with a tablet ?
    Is there an adaptor or clamp that I can mount the tablet to the camera via a bracket or shoulder harness ?

    Any assistance would be appreciated
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    Default Re: 7D + Galaxy tab

    Maybe try asking your question here:

    'Forum > Digital Darkroom > Computing Hardware > Android Tablet + Software'

    There is already a section 'Android Tablet + Software' in that part of forum with lots of other users who might help.
    I personally won't bother as the Galaxy 10.1 tablet is a bit too big / heavy to clamp to the camera. Rather use a separate clamp onto tripod for it.

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