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    Default Sunflower Fund: Photos for Hope

    Hi guys,

    I would like to make a plea to you, and ask you to please participate in the Photos for Hope, there is so much talent on this site, with awesome and great photos, if each of us can just submit one photo, we could make a huge contribution, and we all can together help save lives.

    The Sunflower fund is an organisation to which people can register as bone marrow donars. Unfortunately they require financial support, as the donars do not need to pay to become a donar. Thus fund raising initiatives such as this are organised.

    You may also register yourself as a possible donar by going to their website,, and following the instructions. It could be done for free, but a donation is also welcome.

    My Aunt were a bone marrow donar for my mother, and from experience I can tell you that there is no pain or discomfort involved in the process, and you can really do it with the knowledge that without any financial contribution, and only a little bit of your time, you could save a life!!!
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