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      Please note: Members must fully accept and comply with these terms and conditions as laid out to participate on the website.

      The website consists of two sections: the Outdoorphoto Shop and the Outdoorphoto Community section; The Community section includes: Forum pages, Gallery pages, Classifieds page, Training Courses and Magazine Site as an Article section. The Terms and Conditions of the shopping section are to be read here.

      This document is based largely on ideas drawn largely from similar sites, such as -,,,, and other well known sites. The terms and conditions are therefore on par with the world's leading photographic websites. I Outdoorphoto would like to thank those websites for setting the trend and standards for the photographic web community.

      We also believe that our members are people with integrity and do not make fleeting statements on discussion points without standing by what they believe, therefor we expect members to register with their Own Name as their Username, or if their username is connected to a business or a very well known username, then to have their full names in their signature.

      The mission for the Outdoorphoto Community section is:
      To to provide an open, easily accessible and honest website for professional and serious amateur SLR photographers alike by providing and aiming for the following:

      •    The establishment and maintenance of a platform within which like-minded people can share knowledge and learn.
      •    To become South Africa's premier photographic website, and to compete favourably with the world's top photography websites.
      •    To become South Africa's most favoured photographic online store with the best combination of service and price.
      •    To be regarded as a site with integrity and professionalism.
      •    To become the gallery hosting portal of choice.


      1., (hereinafter referred to as ODP), is privately funded and currently sponsored by the Outdoorphoto Shop, owned and managed by Hedrus van der Merwe of Pretoria, South Africa. ODP was born with the view to further photography for the serious amateur and professionals alike. The trend and flavour will always be to help one other and to share the common passion for photography.
      2. ODP aims to provide an open, easily accessible and honest community for primarily SLR users - although not specifically excluding smaller camera users. All members are encouraged to openly and respectfully communicate on this platform. Any breach of the guidelines will be dealt with.



      ODP guidelines are based on the following principles:

      1. ODP believes in the notion of building a community and trusts that all members will uphold the name of ODP believes that everyone has something to contribute to the community, no matter the level of expertise. The principle aim will always be to motivate and inspire others.
      2. ODP believes that each member is honest and capable of showing respect towards other community members. ODP will not tolerate flaming, fighting, bashing, deconstructive arguing and mudslinging. For this reason, we also expect you to use  your Real Name as  a Username, or if your username is connected to your business or well known, then to have your real name and surname in your signature
      3. ODP believes that all members will post acceptable content, since ODP does not censor and moderate each post before it goes on the web. Should content be unacceptable, ODP will remove it. This is especially true if the material includes or refers to violence, is of a pornographic nature or if it denigrates other community members. Images containing nudity are not accepted.
      4. ODP does not allow any form of gratuitous promotions/advertising on the site. Advertising will be considered, but only after approval by the site owner. Advertising of events (workshops, courses, shooting days, etc) on the forum is forbidden UNLESS you have a paid advertisement on the ODP Training Website ( Used equipment may only be advertised in the classifieds on the ODP site, free of charge. For other advertising options, please visit this page
      5. ODP is a photographic site for all camera users - no debates will be allowed on political, sexual or religious matters. Any posts containing these issues will, at the discretion of the administrators, be deleted from the site. Non-constructive manufacturer debates will not be tolerated.
      6. ODP encourages good discussion and interesting contributions, but reserves the right to delete any contributed material at its sole discretion and without prior notice. No advance warning is necessary, and administrators have the administrative rights to effect this.


      4.1 Important Copyright Notice!
      All content, including photography and text on this site is copyrighted to the respective photographers/authors. Any use or reproduction of the content without the written permission of the photographer and/or author is strictly forbidden. Please read the rest of this document in full before using this site.

      4.2 Copyright and Image Theft
      All images appearing in the ODP galleries and forums are the copyrighted work of the respective photographers and are presented as such for your viewing pleasure. Please do not copy, download or use these images for any other purpose without the express written consent of the photographer!

      4.3 Protecting Your Images from Theft
      From the outset, ODP has never had any complaints or issues regarding theft of images and does not condone such practices. The reality of the Internet makes it impossible to prevent the unauthorised copying and use of any photo posted on a web site. However, there are certain steps members can take to render your photos of as little value as possible to anyone taking them without permission;

      • •    Should members be concerned about theft of their images, a copyright mark should be placed on all images, in the lower right corner of the image. The © (copyright) symbol can be created in most programs by holding down the Alt key and entering 0169 on the numeric keypad. Also consider placing contact information (such as website URL) and a prominent water mark on images. The water mark can be done as a semi-transparent layer in most image editing programs, such as Adobe's Photoshop.
      • •    Keep images as small as practical. The ODP posting guidelines allow images up to 800 pixels in width. Most of the time, an image sized to 400 to 500 pixels will be more than adequate for display on in our forums and galleries
      • •    Use aggressive "compression" when saving images for uploading. The smaller the JPEG file size, the less information the file contains and the more difficult it becomes to use it for any other purpose.
      • •    If members have valuable images that cannot be put at risk, do not post them on ODP or on any other web site.

      By posting your images on ODP or on any other web site, there is no guarantee that images will not be taken and used without members' knowledge. However, as outlined above, steps can be taken to ensure that the image file placed on the Internet will have minimal value to those who wish to illegally profit from it.

      Now that those topics have been covered, members can relax and enjoy their participation in the ODP galleries and forums!

      4.4 Gallery Participation
      Members must register and be logged in to post photos, topics and comments in the galleries and forums. The "Upload Photos" button is situated in the top right hand corner of the gallery page. Members will not see the "Upload Photo" button if they are not logged in.

      4.5 Code of Conduct
      ODP is strictly dedicated to the art and technique of photography and all conversation should pertain directly to it. Whilst on-topic, spirited debate is welcome, please keep all conversation congenial, professional and non-combative. Discussion of religion, politics or any other controversial subject that has little or nothing to do with the art and technique of photography is subject to deletion without notice. Off topic discussion in the galleries or in the forums will not be allowed. Should a member have any issues or concerns with any aspect of forum activity, they should please contact the forum administrators using their email contacts at the top of the forum page. ODP administration may also be contacted directly at
      Members should also review the basic rules of internet etiquette (netiquette) for additional information on effectively communicating with others over the Internet.

      The use of these forums for unauthorised commercial promotion or advertisement is strictly forbidden!
      If you want to advertise on ODP, please visit this page

      4.6 Posting images to the gallery

      • All photographers are invited to post their work in the ODP image galleries! This is a free service, and the only requirement is that members be registered and logged in.
      • Photos can be posted in the ODP galleries by uploading to any of the given categories.
      • Care must be taken to post images under the correct categories.
      • Free membership allows you to upload 2 images per day where as Premium Membership allows for 6 images per day. A day is defined as any 24 hour period. This implies that if you post 2 images at 20H00 you will only be able to post another 2 at 20H00 the next day (or 6 in the case of Premium Members) To Join Premium Membership Click Here.
      • Managing your photos the easy way: Click on Galleries, then go to Gallery Profile (next to the upload photos button) then click on Statistics. In the Foto Notifications block click on Manage Photos, then choose your category and have fun.
      • Please ensure that your username and/or signature contains your full names - This helps to establish ownership in copyright disputes.

      4.7 Policy on nudity
      29 October 2008. Please note: We are in process of testing this ruling. The rules might change, so please check to see if there are any changes in future.
      Outdoorphoto has always maintained that it does not allow nudity. We often had to delete images in order to avoid a situation of "if he can post that, then I can post mine". This has often led to controversy and debate. We would like to steer away from that.The line is very fine on what is perceived as semi nude or provocative images.
      In order to find a solution we have introduced the Mature Content function. Some viewers are far more conservative in their views than other, hence the introduction of Mature content. Many do not want to see explicit or semi nude images on their home or work PC so they can select to have the Mature content blocked.

      What is "Mature Content"?
      Mature content is not a nude section. Our perception might be different from others but, we do draw a line and we ask all to respect these wishes and not to challenge the system.
      What should be under Mature content.
The short answer: Anything that will make the Pope blush. Anything that is remotely borderline. We think that the Pope would blush at:

      • Showing of excessive skin.
      • Females in very skimpy swimwear or underwear.
      • Males in very skimpy swimwear or with bulging groins.
      • The showing of a woman's breast may be allowed provided its tastefully done and with respect to the model and the viewers.
      • Boudoir and glamour images, given that the above rules can be applied.

      If uncertain please mark it as Mature Content and ask for guidance from other members or moderators.

      What is not allowed: Mature content or not.
      We are most certainly interested in artistic images but we are not interested in any disrespectful, tasteless or poor images. The following will not be allowed:

      • When any genitals or part of genitals showing.
      • No images of any sexual acts or sexual themes.
      • Any distasteful nudes or poor photography technique.
      • Models may not be under 18 years old and if they are you need to have their permission to post.
      • No child nudity or implied nudity - If the moderator suspects that the subject is under the age of 18, the image is to be quarantined until the subject's age is verified. Such child nudity includes images of buttocks, breasts (where a young girl has developed them) and genitalia

      We do expect the highest of photographic skills so the respect for the model can be maintained as well as the integrity of this website.

      An Administrator or Moderator has been given the right to remove any images if deemed unfit. The administrators or moderators will not enter into debate on the issue, nor will debate on the issue of an image being removed be allowed in the forums. These are the rules as set by the owner of this site.

      If you do not agree with these rules then we are sorry to say that might then not be the place for you.

      How the "Mature Content" filter works:
      All members are by default set up to block Mature content. Non Members will also not be able to see Mature content. Mature content is not a separate category or section, its only a tag that will show or not show the image depending on the viewers personal settings.
      If you wish to view the mature content:
You need to be over 18 years of age.
Go to your gallery profile:
(Go to the Gallery page and click on "Profile"(Note: this is not the same profile page as the Forums profile page)
When in your profile, click on Edit Profile in the left hand side.
On that page at the top, you will be asked if you want to block Mature content in a drop-down box with either Yes or No. Please select one and save.)

      Please keep a few things in mind when you have elected to see mature content:
Other people might be using your PC, at work or at home. Also note that you elect to view mature content on your own accord and have the option to switch it off and on at any time.

      To load an image with Mature Content is easy.
When you upload the image you will notice there is an option to tick if it is Mature content or not. Please make sure you tick it. If you perhaps missed it, you can still tick it by clicking on the hyper link below the photo "Edit Photo". If any moderator sees images that should have been tagged as mature content he/she will tag it to ensure that the image will not be displayed on a member's PC who wished not to see any Mature Content.
      One last note.
We at Outdoorphoto subscribe to the idea that the site should be a pleasant place for all. Often when dealing with these kinds of issues the tempers can flare and people get personal. We once again firmly request it that members read the ODP rules and regulations and treat other members with respect.

      4.9 Photo Posting Guidelines

      • The member posting the image must hold the copyright to the image. The posting of pirated material is strictly prohibited! Only members' own work may be posted!
      • Members must select the single most appropriate gallery for an image. The same image (or similar images of the same subject?) must not be posted in multiple galleries.
      • A descriptive title should be used - whenever possible, the common name of the species that is the subject of the photo should be included.
      • If the image is taken at a zoo or any other controlled (non-wild) situation, this must be stated in the post!
      • If the image has been digitally altered beyond simple adjustments to colour, contrast and sharpening, etc., this must be stated in the post!
      • Image size must be limited to 800 pixels on its longest side, including any borders or "frames" applied to the photo. To resize images: Example of re-sizing process to reach under 250KB from Photoshop (similar process in other tools):
        (1) Open image file.
        (2) Image > Image Size. The longer dimension should be set to a maximum of 800 Pixels (maximum) and resolution to 72 or 96 pixels/inch.
        (3) File > Save as to maintain EXIF data. If the Save for Web option is used, EXIF data will be lost but this data can be inserted into the fields provided when uploading.
        (4) Verify file size (or set to under 250KByte)
        (5) Save as a jpg type file on the hard drive.
      • g. Maximum file size for images hosted by ODP is 250KB (sRGB JPEG files recommended).
      • h. The posting limit is 2 images every 24 hours for Free Members and a maximum of 6 images for Premium users. To join as Premium member Please follow this link. Join Premium membership.

      Good example of how to present an image:

      Good Example Preview

      4.10 Commenting and Critiquing of images.
      The process of photo critique is a two-way street. It all starts with the person posting the photo.
      In order to get the most out of this process, providing information about the photo being posted is crucial. For every photo posted, the following information should be included;

      • What the image is about, what it means to the poster, and what motivated the poster to take it.
      • Equipment information. By telling members what kind of equipment was used will present members wanting to comment with a better feel for what they can suggest. Information about the camera and lens used, if a speedlight (flash) and/or tripod was used or any filters, etc. should be included.
      • Camera settings, including shutter speed, aperture setting and exposure compensation can also be useful to those offering their comments.
      • Information on where the photo was taken. If it is a photo of a captive animal (zoo, game farm, etc.), that information should also be included.
      • Last but not least, any specific feedback that the poster wishes to receive on the photo must be included!

      ODP invites members to post comments on photos! Even if a member does not feel "qualified" to critique an image, telling the photographer what it is that he / she likes (or dislikes) about an image in his / her own words is helpful and an important part of the image critique process! More about Image Critique and comment Guidelines a bit further on.

      A suggestion - For every photo a member posts, he / she should try to comment on at least five other images in the best possible way he / she can!

      It should be borne in mind that a comment passed on any photo is not only to the benefit of the poster of the image, but to the benefit of all other viewers of the website.

      If someone comments on one of a member's photos it is only courteous for that member to acknowledge their effort by thanking them. Unconstructive debates around commentary will not be tolerated

      •   ODP members may post photos in reply as per the following strictly enforced guidelines
      1. The posting of any other photo as part of a critique or comment is prohibited
      2. A member may repost their original photo, with adjustments per viewer comments, in a reply in their own thread.
      3. Any member may post a non-photo illustration or photo editing software screenshot (JPEGs only) as part of their critique
      4. All photos must comply with the sizing guidelines listed above
      5. Photos may be posted in replies without regard to the 24 hour limit
      6. ODP administration and gallery/forum moderators reserve the right to delete any reply that does not conform to the guidelines.
      • Should a member wish to rework a fellow member's photo, the recommended procedure is as follows
      1. The member who posted the photo (owner) should be contacted and requested to email the photo to the member wishing to rework it (the reworker). This will prove definitively that the owner voluntarily sent the photo to the reworker, and that it was not copied without their owner's permission.
      2.  After the reworker has reworked the photo, it should be emailed back to the owner with detailed notes on what the reworker did to adjust the photo. The owner will then have the right to determine if he / she wants the modified photo appearing as a repost.

      4.11 Image Critique and Comment guidelines
      The ODP image critique galleries offer an interactive means of having images viewed and commented on by other viewers. When used correctly, this process allows serious photographers to improve on their work, based on viewer's sharing their experience, perceptions and perspective of the critiqued images. The objective of this article is to provide some guidance on how best to utilise this unique learning opportunity both for the person posting and for the person giving a critique.

      The definition of critique states that critique is a process whereby an article or an essay criticises a work, a problem or subject.
      From this definition, it is obvious that an image posted in the critique gallery becomes the subject of critical evaluation and review. It must also be understood that a critique is based on the viewer's personal opinion and posting an image for critique, amounts to nothing more than taking a poll of everyone's opinion. Some will find the image pleasing "as is" while others will object to certain technical or aesthetic aspects of the image. The worst mistake the person posting the image can make is to debate a critique. Remember that the viewers posting the critique have taken the time, at the poster's request, to share their thoughts on what does or does not appeal to them about the image. The viewers also sometimes offer their advice on what they believe can be done to improve it.

      The nature of the process almost guarantees that there will be comments made about the image that the poster (or other viewers) will disagree with. But to debate the validity of a specific critique is counter productive. If the poster of the image is not prepared to accept the results (both good and bad) of the "poll," they should not post it in the first place. However, it is appropriate to ask a viewer for clarification of a comment, if the comment is not entirely clear, providing the viewer is asked for their additional time and effort in a congenial, non-argumentative manner. Critique on a critique is allowable only for the discussion of the merit of certain viewpoints expressed, the original poster may not have posted his / her intention with the image during his / her initial post, and few do, and can clarify his / her approach to the image, which may differ from that of the critique, in an amiable way. Never should any poster be "attacked" for delivering a non-favourable critique.
      In all cases, critique should not be taken personally, but rather at face value, nor should the critique of a photographic image be interpreted as an indictment of one's lack of ability.
      When an image is posted for critique, the person who posts it should be prepared to take all comments, both good and bad, and to do so in a respectful and appreciative manner.
      The poster should provide any info relevant to the image, equipment, viewpoint, approach, etc when posting. This will scale down or eliminate critiques based on speculation.

      Whilst the person who posts the image has the responsibility to extract the lessons from the critique process, it is the person writing the critique, who has volunteered time and a point-of-view. Writing a useful critique that gets to the point without being offensive is an art unto itself.
      The goal of any image critique is to share with the person who posted the image, the viewer's impressions and interpretation of it. If the viewer can also offer any advice to improve the image, then a learning culture is created. Since the persons writing and reading the critique are not privy to facial expressions, gestures and voice inflections of a face-to-face conversation, great care must be taken to avoid misunderstanding.

      Photography is a personal endeavour, and poorly written comments can be easily understood as only an assessment of the photographer's ability, as opposed to an honest evaluation of the specific image. One note for clarification: It is to some extent an assessment of the photographer's ability, also his experience as well as his equipment and the suitability thereof. Not to be ridiculed, but as a suggestion to improvement, eventual upgrading, etc.
      Bearing this in mind, these are some suggestions for writing an effective critique.
      Viewers should start off by taking time to truly study the image and form an opinion of what appeals to them, the viewer, about the image, both technically and aesthetically. Sometimes coming back to study the image again after a short time can be helpful in the study process.
      After forming an overall impression of the image, they should begin by identifying the specific technical qualities of the image (lighting, exposure, colour, contrast, composition, depth-of-field, foreground, middle and back ground) that appeal or don't appeal to them. In just about any image, both can be found.

      The same should be done with the aesthetic qualities of the image by describing any emotional response the image imparts. It's not uncommon to find images that are technically deficient, yet impart a strong emotional response from the viewer, and vice versa. Feedback to the photographer on both the technical and aesthetic aspects of an image is always useful for the poster.
      Words and phrases that most effectively convey the viewer's thoughts about these specific qualities should be used.

      The critique should begin with what the viewer likes about the image. It is a mistaken belief that a photo critique should only point out what is wrong. In fact, much can be gained by pointing out what it is that appeals to the viewer.

      Out of the image qualities that the viewer feels need improvement, those qualities should be chosen that the viewer can most effectively communicate as to why he / she thinks they need improvement, and how an improvement of those qualities would help improve the image.
      Whenever possible, suggestions should be offered based on first-hand experience on how to improve those image qualities that the viewer found lacking.

      4.12 Other Considerations
      For everyone involved in this creative and educational process, there are more points to keep in mind

      When posting an image, it is sometimes helpful for the poster to state what his / her objective or purpose was for taking the image. It helps if they can describe what it is that they like and/or dislike about the image. By providing some information up front, it gives those who are critiquing some indication of any specific feedback the poster is looking for. In essence, writing one's own "personal critique" as part of the original post gets the thread off on the right foot.

      There are times that the technical quality of the image posted in the critique galleries is so high that some might feel that they have nothing constructive to offer. In this case, simply commenting on the aesthetic qualities and/or the image's emotional impact could be a worthy response.
      For viewers offering critique, they must not argue the validity of another viewer's critique. They should always offer their own point-of-view in an as objective a manner as possible.
      Whilst the "wow" responses offer nothing more than an exclamation mark, there is no reason not to post such a comment. Sometimes "wow" is all that comes to mind and a little ego stroking is not such a bad thing either, is it?

      Learning to be an effective critic helps a viewer's own image creation. Those critiques that a viewer perceives to be most effective should be studied and used as an example to follow when writing their own. Additionally, in a participative atmosphere such as found at the Outdoorphoto Forum, those who post critiques are more likely to receive them on their own images. Simply studying the images on display, and reading the comments posted are an incredible learning experience in itself.
      By following these simple guidelines and avoiding some of the common mistakes, image critique can be an effective learning tool for all involved. When conducted with attention to care, objectivity and sensibility, critique on an image is a rewarding experience that is unmatched by any other type of organised learning opportunity in nature photography.

      4.13 View on Image manipulation
      The official ODP position is that rules are rules, but clearly rules need to be presented and adopted first. ODP has never laid down a set of rules regarding cropping or manipulation. The administrators and moderators on ODP have often spoken about manipulation and considered its ethicality but that remains to be an open discussion. There are often problems where a set of rules are laid down and people start to take photos to please judges and commentators and that is a major hindrance for creativity and freedom of individualism. The ODP platform is not a place that would like to restrict members in expressing themselves. Some members might have very strong opinions on certain things like manipulation and that's perfectly acceptable. There is nothing standing in their way. There is nothing wrong with someone manipulating images. Be that as it may: if someone who is anti manipulation gives comment to that effect, the person who performed the manipulation should understand where the comments are coming from. If someone is asked about the manipulation or amount of Photoshop work it is only polite to state what was done. By the same token if a purist (for the lack of a better word) posts an image, he / she should know that if someone tells him / her to crop excessively or to clone stuff out or to do something funky, he / she must realise where the comments are coming from. i.e. take the comment from whence it comes.
      If a member does enter photographic competitions, the onus is on the member to familiarise his / her self with the rules and regulations of a particular competition. ODP might be a sounding board for competitions like that, a place where members can ask others if something is good for a competition or not, or even for a publication for that matter. It should also be borne in mind that ODP is not currently competition driven. What ODP is looking forward to seeing, is good quality photography, not necessarily processing skills. It is generally accepted world wide that there are restrictions to the amount a photo may be manipulated especially in the area of photo-journalism and nature photography. If members can all strive to do just that, it can only be beneficial for the member's own photographic development.

      Important Notice - These forums and galleries are intended solely for the promotion of the art and technique of photography. The use of these forums for any other purpose is strictly forbidden. The ODP administration reserves the right to edit, delete or close any thread or post deemed inappropriate and/or outside the intended scope of this site.
      All images appearing in these galleries are the property of the respective photographers. All images are protected by copyright laws and are not to be downloaded or reproduced in any way without the written permission of the photographer.


      1. Non registered members are able to read the Classifieds and therefore the exposure is fair to good.
      2. The Classifieds is there for all registered members to advertise their used equipment. Members are only able to upload an advertisement if they are logged in.
        Free members can have a total of 2 ads running at any given time.
        Premium members can have a total of 5 ads running at any given time.

        On application and approval from the owners of Outdoorphoto, some members will be allowed to act as agents for a club or group of photographers to sell more item through the classifieds. This is limited to secondhand goods only. NO NEW ITEMS. This privilege will be revoked without question if an ad is found to be contravening our terms of service.
      3. Advertising new products or other commercial services is not allowed. If commercial advertising is posted, it will be deleted without explanation. You cannot run a business through ODP's classified services. Businesses selling good will have their accounts deleted without further explanation or discussion.
      4. It must be very clear what is advertised as well as the condition.
      5. Images attached to the ads must be of the actual product being advertised and not a generic image found on the internet.
      6. Only ONE item per advertisement - No Sets or Groups - Ads with more than one item will be deleted without notification or question. You may sell items bundled together (camera + Battery Grip) but with a single price only.

      7. Email addresses must be given in full.
      8. Person’s real name must appear in the advertisement.
      9. All products listed in the classifieds are done by members, and transactions will be between the seller and the buyer. Therefore, ODP waives all responsibility. For this reason members are encouraged to only advertise if they are of the utmost persuasion that the products they advertise will be a good buy for others.

      Any items not conforming to the rules as set out above will be removed without question


      • Registering at ODP is free. Please adhere to the rules mentioned on this page when registering. Member registrations not complying with these rules will be removed. See also Section 7, Member conduct below.
      • Other paid membership options are also available that offer more functionality to members.
      • Using an email account from an inappropriate website will be deleted.
      • Using an inaccessible email account when registering will not be permitted
      • Multiple registrations will not be permitted
      • Controversial or inappropriate usernames will not be permitted.
      • Misleading usernames like "moderator" "administrator" or creating an illusion of being a representative of an organisation of which you are not, will not be permitted.
      • New members or trial memberships are expected to become contributing members if and as soon as they happen to like the ODP community and appreciate the resource that it is for their enjoyment and development as photographers.

      ODP needs members' support to sustain the growth of the community and keep enhancing it. To see the benefits of upgrading membership, besides having the pride of contributing to supplement the founders efforts, click here. One of those benefits is the eligibility to participate in our photo contest and in tours and workshops. It will also allow more Gallery space and other added features.

      Please note: All ODP/Outdoorphoto websites use Google Analytics to track usage on our websites. The purpose is to find out who visist and from where, but also to a very large degree, what kind of technology they are using (screen sizes, operating systems and browsers) This allows us to continueously develop the website to better suit the needs of the majority of our members.

      To help fund this website's costs, we do present ads from Google on some pages as well as our own advertising. These are intended to benefit our users and promote items they might find valuable or services they would need as a photographer (profesional or otherwise) We also use the same advertising system to make anouncements of special offers, ODP events or promotional services and activities. If you use an Ad-blocker, please enable Open-X for the ODP Websites, otherwise the sites will not function.



      • When members register, they may give a username and password of their own choice. They should take care of their username and password and not allow anyone else to use it. Please take Note: The username and password used is not the same as the username and password in the shopping section. You need to register fir the shop separately for security purposes.
      • Members must agree to immediately notify ODP of any unauthorised use of their password or account or any other breach of security. ODP can not, and will not, be liable for any loss or damage arising from members' failure to comply with this.
      • Members must agree to keep their account information current - profile, email address, etc.

      If a member believes that someone is misusing their account, they must inform the administrators about it.


      • Members must understand that all materials, such as data, information, software, photographs, articles, reviews, stories, forum postings or other materials ("content"), whether publicly posted or privately transmitted, are the sole responsibility of the person from which such content originated. This means that members, and not ODP, are entirely responsible for all content that they upload, post, email or otherwise make available via the site.
      • Since there are many contributors on ODP, the administrators cannot control the content posted via the site and, as such, do not guarantee the accuracy, integrity or quality of such content (see Disclaimer of Warranty below). Members must understand that by using the site, they may be exposed to content that is offensive, indecent or objectionable to them.
      • Members must agree not to use these sites to:
      1. Upload, email, post or otherwise make available any content that is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, tortuous, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, libellous, invasive of another's privacy, hateful, or racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable.
      2. Upload, email, post or otherwise make available any content that said members have no right to make available under any law or under contractual or fiduciary relationships (such as information from an employment relationships or learned under nondisclosure agreements).
      3. Upload, email, post or otherwise make available or engage in solicitation of illegal copies of software and/or, of any content that infringes any patent, trademark, copyright or other proprietary rights of any party.
      4. Upload, email, post or otherwise make available any unsolicited or unauthorised advertising, promotional materials, "junk mail", "spam" or any other form of solicitation.
      5. Upload, email, post, or otherwise make available any material that contains software viruses or any other computer code, files or programs designed to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of any computer software or hardware or telecommunications equipment.
      6. Interfere with or disrupt the site or servers communication infrastructure connected to the site, or disobey any requirements, procedures, policies or regulations of networks connected to the site.
      7. Engage in any form of solicitation of any illegal act.
      8. Violate any applicable local, state, national or international law, including, but not limited to, regulations of South Africa.
      9. Upload, email, post or otherwise make available any content that deliberately and repeatedly bashes any brand, product or company. If a members wishes to make a complaint or other negative comment in respect of any brand, product or company, then it should be made once and documented facts to support the member's remark should be in his / her possession.
      • ODP reserves the right to terminate the account of any member at any time at the convenience of ODP. Any such termination shall be without refund of unused membership fees, if any.


      1. If a member contributes material (information, data, software, photographs, articles, reviews, stories, forum postings etc.), he / she also automatically grants ODP an irrevocable, royalty-free, transferable and worldwide right and license to modify, publish and reproduce that material in perpetuity, for the purpose of operating, displaying, distributing and promoting the site without any compensation to the member. This also means that the member, as the legal owner of the contributed material, automatically and implicitly - through the submission - declare him / her self as the rightful owner of the contributed material and that all so called moral rights which may be raised out of this material have been waived. None of the material shall be subject to any obligation of confidence on the part of ODP and/or its owners.
      2. Submitting the property of another, without the consent of that owner, may also subject members to legal liability for infringement of copyright, trademark, and/or other intellectual property rights.
      3. In the event that ODP would like to use the contributed material for anything not related to the purposes mentioned in 8.1, ODP will contact the owner of the material to negotiate terms of usage beyond the rights already granted through the submission of the material.
      4. Copyright stays with the legal owner, the contributor.
      5. By registering, the member agrees that although the member retains the copyright of his/her own images or other works posted on ODP forums, all posts belong to and are the property of ODP. ODP is not responsible for loss of posts, modifications, copying, republication, distortion, quoting or other use of the posts by other users or third parties. Members hereby waive any right to make any claim against ODP or other users for any use of a post, including but not limited to any modifications, copying, republications, distortions, or quoting. If any member has images of commercial value to them and they fear the misuse thereof, ODP encourages them not to load such images onto the ODP galleries.


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      • As registered users at ODP, members will receive emails from ODP from time to time. ODP does not often send out emails, information is important and it feels that all registered users should be informed about that specific issue. Typically, these emails are not sent out more than twice a month and are very short. Emails are only sent out to registered users.
      • If a member does not wish to receive any emails from the ODP community, he / she may send ODP an email and his / her account will be removed. This also means that his / her registration at ODP is cancelled completely.
      • If any members receive unsolicited email through the site they should inform administration immediately.

      Every discussion forum on the internet these days, and there are literally zillions of them on millions of different subjects, have appointed administrators. But the question may arise as to just who these administrators are, where do they come from, and most importantly, what they are supposed to be doing.

      13.1 From where
      The Site Owner, Hedrus van der Merwe appoints these persons. The site owner may discuss this proposed administrator with other active administrators at the time, as is the case here at ODP, before officially approaching this identified person, requesting his / her services as an administrator. Should this person agree, he / she will then become an official site administrator.

      13.2 Why
      Administrators are there to moderate the forums and galleries.

      13.3 What
      This is the more entertaining aspect of being an administrator. What are they supposed to be doing?

      • Facilitate discussions which are relevant to the photographic forum members.
      • Where possible, address the questions of members pertaining to all things photographic and of the associated topics as well, such as outdoor living, places and spots, etc.
      • Ensure that all messages in a thread stay on-topic, relevant to the subject, do not become slanderous, abusive, degrading to any user, and that all posts stay in the accepted norm of decency.

      As the website also hosts photographic images, the same rules applicable to text forums apply, so the administrators have to oversee the type and style of images loaded onto the galleries, and facilitate discussions around these images.

      All of the above do not imply that only the administrators should post discussions/comments on forum topics and images, instead, being a community based website, each and every member may/should do so, providing the forum members with a wide selection of input, from the varied perspective of a large population.

      Administrators are not required to comment on every post or answer every question unless specifically requested to do so by the poster, or provide critique on every image posted, again unless requested as such. To do so would require full-time personnel with unrestricted access to the forum and galleries. Instead, they should merely ensure that all postings, either in the forums or the galleries, stay above board. In doing so, they will, off course, post comments in the forum, or deliver critique or praise on images in the galleries.

      This, in itself, can be quite a daunting task, what with 4000 threads, with more than 40000 posts, not discounting the more than 20000 images on the site, and rising daily by around 200 images. These people are not being paid a salary to act as administrators, they are true volunteers committed to performing a community service in their spare time and time taken from the office, and they do so to the best of their abilities, with the limited time and resources available to them, without skimping on their day jobs at the same time.

      So the administrators read all the new posts, commenting on them where applicable, edit them where applicable, like moving them to relevant threads, deleting offensive posts or part thereof, correct obvious misleading/half truths in posts, sometimes requiring a little research before posting the comment, view images to ensure content is acceptable to the norms of the website, and ensure that advice given on images is correctly presented.

      Administrators are usually a friendly bunch; they will give their all to help out the forum members whom they serve. Administrators usually receive numerous requests, either by e-mail or the private messaging system on the website, from members requesting additional and sometimes extensive info on topics discussed, or to make the administrators sit up and take notice of new images posted and on which the poster would like some specific feedback. This is all most welcome, and administrators really like this special attention given to them, they thrive on sharing their infinite wisdom and knowledge.

      Making things more easy
      Administrators are few and far between and they usually have normal 9-5 jobs, well most of them anyway, and they need to actively participate on the website, and with the members they serve. Members can, however, makes things easier for the administrators by just following the basic rules always posted on the website at the forum, galleries, etc. Also, should a member require assistance from a specific administrator, requesting such assistance directly in either the forum thread or posted image description is fine, but members should be aware that the administrators may not notice the request in time or even miss the thread altogether due to various reasons, etc. So a good idea would be for the member to either e-mail the person, or to send him / her private message with the member's request. Chances are very high that the member will receive an answer, comment, etc, in due time.

      Members should have compassion towards the administrators; they are an 'overworked and underpaid' group of people serving a community. By giving them support with active participation on the forums and galleries, sticking to the rules, not attacking them verbally or in postings, would really help in this respect.

      Reaction to administrators moderating:
      Actions taken by administrators may be queried with the administrator in question or another administrator of the member's choice via Private mail or e-mail. NO discussions on these issues are to take place in the forums/threads on images. Administrator's decisions will stand until such time as the site owner informs the administrators than an alternative view may be taken on the issue. The administrators retain the right to delete posts without explanation to the member in the thread. This may be done once again by PM or email, if the administrators so chooses.

      Understanding the life and times of the administrators will help to make the website and community they serve, to function just that little bit better.


      ODP further does not warrant the accuracy or completeness of the information, text, graphics, links or other items contained within these materials. ODP shall not be liable for any special, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages, including without limitation, lost revenues or lost profits, which may result from the use of these materials. ODP does not provide or support the provision of legal advice. The law of the many jurisdictions represented by the membership vary widely on the legal issues raised in the questions and the answers you read on the forums. Accordingly, members should seek authorised counsel for any questions in their specific jurisdiction and not rely solely on the general viewpoints expressed on ODP.

      The materials on these sites are subject to change without notice and do not represent a commitment on the part of ODP in the future.

      Should members have any questions regarding these terms, or any other questions, they can get in touch with any of the site administrators online. Or email
      Then just to sum it all up in a few words. Let our passion for photography lead all of our discussions, and have fun doing it!

      15 ACRONYMS
      ODP members sometimes uses abbreviations in their posts that could be confusing to the newer member. Here are some of these abbreviations to help you communicate with ease.

      ODP - Outdoor Photo


      ACR - Adobe Camera RAW

      AF - Autofocus
      Av - Aperture Priority
      BG - Background
      DOF - Depth of Field
      FF - Full Frame
      FOV - Field of View
      HDR - High Dynamic Range
      OOF - Out of focus
      PS - Photo Shop
      PP - Post Processing

      SS - Shutter Speed
      Tv - Shutter Priority
      USM – Ultra Sonic Motor
      VR - Vibration Reduction


      BTW - By the way
      FYI - for your information
      HTH - hope this helps
      IMO - In my opinion
      IMHO - In my honest/humble opinion

      IOW - In other words
      LMAO - Lauging my a** off
      LOL - Laugh out Loud

      ROTFL - Rolling on the Floor Laughing

      SS - Sock Smoking/Smokers
/ShutterStock (microstock sales site)
      VWD - Very Well Done
      WWYT - What were you thinking?
      WYSIWYG – what you see is what you get